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Arabic Translation Service

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All Accepted Students to The Islamic University of Madinah Have To Have Their Documents Translated Into Arabic

When an applicant to the Islamic University of Madinah is accepted he should receive an acceptance letter by posted to the home address he stated on his application (click here to see an example of a 2010/11 acceptance letter), he should also receive an email.


In the acceptance letters it states that all the required paperwork a new student has to bring with him to Madinah must be translated into Arabic and should be attested. is the only translation service that specifically caters to the needs of those who have been accepted to the Islamic University of Madinah.  It was established by the current liaison of the British Students of the Islamic University of Madinah.


If you would like to request a translation click here, if you have any questions regarding translating your documents click here.

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