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When applying to the Islamic University of Madinah 10 piece of paperwork are required and 9 of them must be translated into Arabic if they are written in any language other than Arabic.  Not translating paperwork into Arabic will greatly weaken an applicants chances of being accepted, will show lack of commitment & effort, and may even result in their application not even being considered.  Most if not all the University's Acceptance Board do not understand any language other than Arabic so a presentable application they can understand in their own language will be considerably more appealing.


Every year thousands of people apply to the Islamic University of Madinah and only a small percentage will be accepted, so a full, presentable and understandable application would aid an applicant significantly.


The only way to apply to the Islamic University of Madinah is on it's Minhatee Acceptance & Enrollment Office's Web Portal on the Internet.  These 10 documents must be scanned in colour and be saved as computer image files (such as JPG Format).  When applying on-line they will be required to be uploaded.


The University states on it's Application Web Portal that applicants 'must (wajib) attach the Arabic translation of any document written in other than the Arabic language.'


Madinah Translation provides a service of translating these documents into Arabic ready for applying to the Islamic University of Madinah.  Madinah Translation does not only translate from English to Arabic but from many different languages also.


If you would like to request a translation click here, if you have any questions regarding translating your documents click here.

Arabic Translation Service

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Applying to The Islamic University of Madinah

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