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Documents Required For Applying to The Islamic University of Madinah

When applying to the Islamic University of Madinah 10 piece of paperwork are required and 9 of them must be translated into Arabic.  The Islamic University of Madinah states on its Official Student Application Web Portal that applicants 'must attach the Arabic translation of any document written in other than the Arabic language.'


Scanned coloured copies of the following documents are required for applying to the Islamic University of Madinah along with their Arabic translations (if needed):


1.High School/GCSE/A-level Certificate.


2.High School/GCSE/A-level Transcript. This is the lists of exams with their results.  In the UK the GCSE/A-Level transcript and certificate are the same thing.


3.Testimony of Conduct. This should come from a person who knows you and can verify your good conduct, such as your manners, attitude towards work,

          how you interact with other, etc. This letter should be written by your High School headmaster, teacher, or employer.


4.Birth Certificate. If you have lost your birth certificate then your passport in sufficient.


5.Passport: the page with your photo on it only.


6.Identity Card: If national identity cards are not used in your country, such as the UK then your passport will be enough Inshallaah.


7.A medical letter or report, indicating the health of the applicant’s body, his sight and hearing, and lack of infectious diseases. It must be issued by a    

          reliable medical centre.


8.A letter of introduction/recommendation from an Islamic foundation in the applicant’s country of residence testifying with regard to the applicant, his

          religious devotion and Islamic morals.


          A letter of introduction/recommendation from two eminent Muslim individuals, testifying with regard to the applicant, his religious devotion and Islamic



9.Certificate of accepting Islam, for those who were not born into Muslim families.


10.      A passport sized photograph of the applicant is also required.



These ten Items along with translations are the only things that are require when filling out an on-line application to the Islamic University of Madinah.

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